Hunter Werth under Psychological Evaluation?

Recently, you may have noticed the quiet exit of HWK favorite Hunter Werth from the airwaves of Hard Knox Wrestling television. And while many passed it off as growing roster and a need for time off for Werth, I did some digging to find out what was really going on after seeing the following tweet from the Subversion wrestler.

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.@HKWOnline : Cassius Reed Steps Down, Jasper Coates Steps Up


In a press release issued earlier today by Hard Knox Wrestling, it was reported that Vice-President of Talent Relations has handed in his notice with the company, which was accepted by majority owner Blake Bridges, seemingly confirming rumors that began to float about the internet late last week. Continue reading “.@HKWOnline : Cassius Reed Steps Down, Jasper Coates Steps Up”

Jackie Fowler Honored?

Jackie Fowler, the loud mouthed contender to the Hard Knox Dynasty Title, has been unusually quiet over the festive period. Bar his appearances on Defiance, Fowler has been extremely private and many were led to believe he had decided to spend some quiet family time with his wife, Sabrina Fowler, and their young daughter. But fresh information has led us to the conclusion that Fowler and his family actually exited the country quickly, to London in fact, and the truth could be truly earth shattering to his reputation.

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.@CagedGloryFC – Heart Of Battle Tournament


During the press conference where Carter Shields announced Caged Glory FC’s purchase of Macto Legion Championship there was two brand new championship belts revealed. One of those championship belts was basically the new incarnation of the MLC Undisputed Championship in the CGFC Divine Championship which is held by Cass Madrigal. The other championship belt that was announced help give more championship opportunities to the company’s growing roster was the CGFC Shogun Championship who is currently vacant.

When revealing the Shogun Championship Shields informed everyone that the mixed martial arts promotion will be hosting a tournament that well help crown the championship’s first champion. We have waited long to hear about this tournament and when it will take place and today the tournament’s title, competitors and first round match up’s were all revealed when both CGFC 23: New Horizon & CGFC Night Of Glory: 14 cards were released to the public.

Below are the names of competitors who will be competing for a chance to become the first ever CGFC Shogun Champion which includes newly acquired MLC talent, current CGFC talent as well as new signees.

A.J. Garrison

Aries Reed


Byron McCall

Carrick Price

Christian King

Edgar Malcovich

Elena Nguyen

Fox Locksley

Juan Ramirez

Koto Suzuki

Lena Lyons

Megan Treamon

Satu Lolefa

Timothy Wright

Zion Rogers

With the cards containing numerous match ups for the tournament, we can expect to see this tournament lasting a couple months until we finally see who will be the company’s Shogun Champion. Either way, we are very much exciting to see some entertaining fights and possibly some storied feuds to come out of this tournament. Nonetheless, with all the names involved we know that these young men and women are going to be walking to the octagon with something to prove. We wish good luck to them all as we will be watching and cheering them on throughout the tournament to crown the first ever CGFC Shogun Champion!